Taobao, Favorite Shop for Chinese Community Shopping

Taobao, Favorite Shop for Chinese Community Shopping

For Chinese people or Indonesian students who have ever studied in mainland China, of course they have heard the word taobao. Taobao is one of several online stores that are very popular in China. Taobao is the most popular online shopping site. Although recently claimed by many customers not to sell quality goods and many fake goods.

Taobao is a collection of several online stores spread throughout mainland China. Various kinds of goods are available here. From cheap to expensive. In terms of quality, of course, depends on your accuracy in choosing. The more thorough and experienced you are 'playing' in taobao, the easier it will be for you to recognize good or not. Moreover, if you understand mandarin very well.

Taobao also sells branded goods at the same price as in official stores or at malls. Many shops sell the same items. The price is different. There are shops that sell cheaper, but shipping costs are more expensive. Even more expensive than the price of goods to be purchased.

To use taobao, you must open an account first. You do this by registering at by using the cellphone number used in China and actively registered as a user. For purchases and payments using alipay. The banks available in China can all be used as online payments after registering on the website and payment notifications are sent directly via short massage to the registered mobile number.

Concern about shopping at taobao is not the item purchased will not come. But the quality of goods that come sometimes is worse than expected. So before shopping, you should choose a store whose credibility has reached five crowns. Stores that have the credibility of five crowns certainly have high credibility because of the good quality and service.

Generally, each store has its own way of providing services to buyers. When items are sent they will insert small gifts for buyers. Starting from bracelets, hair ties, card wallets, and others. Of course, the more often you shop, the more you know the characteristics of the goods sold. Other advantages, the more often you shop, the greater your chance to open your own online shop account on the taobao website. Because the transaction you are doing will also get stars from V0 to V1 and so on to V5 which indicates that you have enough credibility in running a business.

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