How Many people Does McDonalds Serve Each Day

How Many people Does McDonalds Serve Each Day

how many people does mcdonalds serve each day

McDonald's is currently one of the most fast-food restaurant brands in the world. As of January 2018, there are 36,000 McDonald's restaurant outlets in 101 countries of the world. Every day this American fast food restaurant serves food to 69 million people worldwide.

Imagine how many menus to serve, and how much labor is needed to prepare that much food. With a good management system and a target market that fits fast food restaurants always get a place in the country wherever they are.

Interestingly if visiting McDonald's all over the world, actually the menu presented is almost the same. And according to senior officials from the American company said that McDonald's menu is actually divided into three favorite menus, namely as follows:

Core menu

McDonald's core menu or menu in all McDonald's outlets in the world, except outlets in India. McDonald's core menu is burgers. There is a Big Mac and Cheese Burger. "In India, it's different because it doesn't use cows, cows are considered sacred animals," said Sutji (Mcdonald's leader from Indonesia), Mcdonald's fast-food outlets released a new food called chicken spicyCore.

Local Menu

The local core menu is food that is available in all McDonald's one country outlets and is permanent. In Indonesia, the local core menu is chicken and rice packages. No wonder McDonald's fans will usually intentionally taste this local core menu when visiting abroad. For example, there is a burger with bratwurst sausage in Germany, spaghetti in the Philippines, and fried shrimp in Russia. Chicken sauce mat crispy for sale at McDonald's with Kedondong Fizz.

Limited time over menu

This is a menu that is sold in a limited period. McDonald's every country is given the freedom to create new dishes outside the core menu and the local core menu. "We always try to create new menu creations, so there is always a reason for visitors to McDonald's," said Sutji. McDonald's Indonesia in recent months has adopted local dishes to McDonald's. For example chicken crispy sauce uleg and sauce  matah, uduk rice, and sauteed rice with green chili.

With that many orders, is the service reduced?
To answer questions like this, it looks like you have to come to this fast food restaurant. This is because you can directly assess the menus and flavors provided by this company and of course the quality of service that is very good, so that people always want to linger at McDonald's.

You want to try the 3 favorite menus above, please come directly to the McDonalds store at your location and become part of the 69 million visitors.

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