Price of the McDonalds Breakfast Menu In Indonesia

Price of the McDonald's Breakfast Menu In Indonesia

Price of the McDonalds Breakfast Menu  - In DKI Jakarta McD fast food restaurants are overwhelming. Almost in every corner of the city, there are fast food restaurants. However, however, I still choose McD as my favorite restaurant. A clean, neat and comfortable place is one reason for me. In addition, the McD menu is very diverse. Although the American franchise initially only served a hamburger menu, with the development of tastes, customers finally served a lot of menus including fried chicken, nuggets, rice packages, fried potatoes, hot cakes, fish fries, chicken porridge, ice cream, and various drinks.

Since I am from Indonesia, one of the McD outlets I like the most is McD Ciputat, Tangerang. Nice place, strategic location and very suitable for relaxing with family or friends. The parking area is also wide, so there's no need to worry about not getting to the place even though the restaurant is crowded. Actually, the other McD outlets in Tangerang are also good, but the most suitable for me is the one in Ciputat. The service is fast and friendly.

When it comes to the price of the menu, I think it's the same for every outlet. What is clear to me is the price of the McD menu is very affordable. Because only with capital of Rp. 20,000, I have been able to enjoy the delicious Breakfast McD menu, which is a chicken muffin / egg Mcmuffin / sausage Mcmuffin A La Carte complete with a refreshing drink that is refreshing and encouraging in the morning. Imagine only with such a small amount of money, I can enjoy a delicious menu, fast and friendly service and a place that makes me feel at home to continue sitting while enjoying a meal. In my opinion, this is a very profitable offer.

Here's the Breakfast McDonalds Menu Price :

Menu price Breakfast McD package (Only Available: 5 - 11 AM)

Breakfast Price

Sausage McD Muffin + Hash Brown + Coffee
Rp. 39,000
Egg McMuffin + Coffee
Rp. 38,000
Sausage McD Muffin Egg + Coffee
Rp. 39,000
Egg McD Muffin + Hash Brown + Coffee               
Rp. 39,500
2 Pcs Hot Cakes + Coffee             
Rp. 29,500
Sausage McD Muffin + Coffee                  
Rp. 31,000
Sausage McD Muffin Egg + Hash Brown + Coffee
Rp. 39,500
2Pcs Hot Cakes + Hash Brown + Coffee
Rp. 38,500
Chicken Muffin Egg + 8 Oz Hot Coffee + Hash
Rp. 42,500
Chicken Muffin Egg + 8 Oz Hot Coffee   
Rp. 38,000

Price of big breakfast menu McD (Only Available: 5 - 11 AM)

Big Breakfast Prices

3 Muffins (Big Breakfast) + Hash Brown + Egg
Rp. 40,000
3 Pcs Hot Cakes + Hash Brown + Hot Coffee 8 Oz
Rp. 41,500
3 Pcs Hot Cakes + Hot Coffee 8 Oz
Rp. 39,000
Big Breakfast + Hot Coffee 8 Oz
Rp. 43,000

McMuffin (Only Available: 5-11 AM)

Breakfast McD menu type Price

Sausage McD Muffins
Rp. 33,000
Sausage McD Muffin + Egg
Rp. 33,500
2 Pcs Hot Cake
Rp. 16,500
Hash Brown
Rp. 19,000
Egg McD Muffins
Rp. 29,500
Chicken Muffin
Rp. 29,500
Chicken Muffin With Egg
Rp. 33,500
Burger Egg
Rp. 23,000

My favorite menu if I visit a restaurant for the Breakfast McD Menu is a cheeseburger and hot chocolate. As for mealtime, I prefer ordering the rice package. However, if I am busy and do not have time to come to the restaurant, I usually use an online messaging service. This service is very easy, by downloading the McDelivery application on a smartphone, then creating an account then logging in for each will use the online messaging service, so I can order the various menus that I want. Orders come in less than one hour, if the conditions are normal. The shipping costs are also standard, same as other fast food restaurants.

How, are you interested in becoming a McD customer like me? Please visit the nearest outlet or use the online messaging service and enjoy a variety of delicious menus from McD.

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